About Us

Visit X-Golf San Antonio, the city’s first and only indoor golf and entertainment venue, where you can take on some of the most well-known golf courses in a fun atmosphere full of golf, great food, beverages, and entertainment. You can experience top-quality golf courses around the world without ever having to leave the comfort of our virtual golf venue in the Stone Oak area of San Antonio, Texas.

We offer five state-of-the-art golf simulators that are designed for golfers of any skill level. Whether you want to sharpen up your game to gain that competitive edge or learn the basics of the game, this is the place for you. The simulators give you data about your swing and ball striking to improve your game in a private atmosphere, so you don’t have to feel intimidated by other golfers. In addition, we can help you take your game to the next level through our X-Academy Golf Professionals.

Our Technology

Through the combination of high-speed light sensors and cameras, the X-Golf NEX system is the most accurate simulator in the world in relation to measuring ball direction, ball speed, ball spin, and launch angle in three dimensions. This high-performance premium golf simulator is perfect for the advanced golfer who values the replication of all shots as if they were on the real course. It's also fun and easy to navigate for beginner golfers as well.

Enjoy a meal and some drinks while watching a big game, listening to music, while you experience the high-quality technology of our virtual golf simulators.

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Sunday 10am-6PM
Monday 10am-10PM
Tuesday 10am-10PM
Wednesday 10am-10PM
Thursday 10am-10PM
Friday 9am-12AM
Saturday 9am-12AM